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About us

Welcome to Trinity-St. Andrew's United Church in Brighton Ontario. Our affirming congregation offers meaningful worship, with a varied music programSunday. 

School, opportunities for faith exploration and discussion, as well as fellowship, more traditional Bible study and educational opportunities for all ages, in a progressive Christian context. With the excellent leadership of Rev. Wanda Stride, we are very blessed.


Church Administrator


Music Director

Brighton's downtown progressive church welcomes people seeking answers to life's mysteries.  We won't promise to have the answers for you, but will promise to help you find the space, the time and the resources to look for the answers that many have been seeking.  Our modern world deserves a modern church that will help guide us along a path that does more good than harm.

TSA church exists to ensure that all people may, grow in their relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

We are committed to creating a community where all people are welcome regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, differing abilities, ethnic background or economic circumstances.  

All people are welcome to take part in every aspect of church life, including membership, leadership, celebrating life passages and marriage.

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Rev. Wanda Stride
Pamela Maloney
Sandra Candeloro
Barry Ott
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