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Hilton Cemetery.JPG

Hey There

Located Concession 4 Lot 4 in Brighton Township, on the west side of Highway 30 in Hilton. The land was donated from the Langdon property. It probably dates from 1829 but there are no complete records for the oldest section. In the early 1900's Mrs. Stanley Thompson was secretary and Mrs. George Little was treasurer. In 1920 it was decided to close the cemetery and all books were subsequently lost.

In 1933 Mr. Jay Langdon and Mr. Roy Morrow re-opened the cemetery and cleaned it up.  When Hilton United Church was closed in 1966 and torn down, the Hilton cemetery came under the care of Trinity St. Andrew's United Church, Brighton. Memorial gates were made and dedicated.

Please contact the church office for more information 613-475-1311 or email

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